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    Game Rules


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    Game Rules Empty Game Rules

    Post  Admin on Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:09 pm

    Do not use caps in OOC (Mute for 5 minutes)
    No cursing (First Time: warning Second Time:Jail)
    No asking for legendaries (Jail)
    No blocking door ways (Jail)
    Don't ask for GM or Admin (Mute)
    Dont kill wild pokemon (Jail)
    No AFK Training (First Time: Account Deletion Second Time: Perm Ban)
    No random killing of other people's pokemon (First Time: Warning Second Time:Pokemon Deletion)
    NEVER USE AUTO CLICKER (Host ban for life)

    Admin/GM Rules
    No booting/muting/banning/changing of name/blinding/freezing/etc. without a good reason (this only means breaking the rules)

    follow these rules and have a good time playing pokemon spirit realm Very Happy

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